What do you dream of?

Night falls and metropolis mirrors the cosmos. Destinies connected by light and dust send signals, alone, to one another. The city glitters: On Air...

You’re tuned into Dream FM. Tonight, Greater Manchester, we want to know: what do you dream of? Where do you drift behind closed eyes? Who do you think of in the lonely hours? What would you change for a better world? And what strange encounters have lingered with you long after waking up? Our lines are now open. Dreamers, we await your calls...


What do I dream of? That's a really good question. I dream of a world where people no longer associate success with wealth. I dream of a world where artists are more appreciated. I dream of a world where people can be themselves, entirely themselves, you know. Not a carbon copy that we want society to see us as, but more of our actual selves, you know, the person we are with friends, the person we are behind closed doors, you know, the person I am right now. (Laughs) You know, not the person that you know, I believe that maybe people would want me to be, you know, write something down or jot something down when you think of what your dream is. But this is just what I believe it should be. I believe that lots of people think like this, you know. I think it's just, you know, the pressure of what our dreams actually are and what we believe they should be. I know that sounds crazy. You know, it's swayed by so many different things and so many different people. So my dream is to see other people dream, you know, to have the ability to pursue a dream without judgement. To dream and include others, you know, to dream and listen to others. To dream and break barriers.


Hello, Manchester. My name is Zahida from Manchester. I dream of peace, love, care and success. All four sides. Everywhere in this world that was lost due to many things including Covid-19. We want our peace back. And I want everybody to be united and love and care for each other. This is my dream. Thank you, FM.


I dream of different stuff every time. Sometimes I dream of people that I've met very briefly, and sometimes I dream of my really good friends and people that I know very well. I used to think that dreams were a prediction of stuff that's gonna happen in real life and then I realised that's not true because I started betting on things that I saw in my dreams and the bets never came in. So I realised that my dreams are actually more likely to be things that are happening in alternate universes.


I dream of the ability to change myself, I guess. Of being able to change my body at will. Your arms, your legs, hands, your face. Make you whatever you want in a mirror. Change the parts that you don't like. Experiment. Bigger arms, longer arms. Anything really to make you look like you wanna look. I guess even if you wanted to go for it, shape shifting in a way, I guess I dream of. Impossible, impractical... Never gonna happen. But, it’s a dream innit? To be able to change yourself at will. Not happy with your appearance? Change it. Hair, hands, legs, arms. Anything you desire. Your appearance, your looks. Hell, if you want, be something completely fantastical. Something that doesn't exist. Features that aren't exactly normal. You could do anything. To change your appearance and to be happy with it, I guess in a way. It would be wonderful to change yourself at will, to be anything you want, to look how you want. Total bodily control. I dream of that. And if you want a name, lets go with Sparky, from Manchester.


I dream of the color green. All of it shades. I dream of trees and really, really big trees. Massive trees. I dream that I am a tree. A giant... I dream of air. Outer space. I dream of lava and... music. Sometimes in my dreams I scream. They can feel really real, dreams. They can feel like they're actually happening. So I like it when I dream of trees and the color green.


I dream of a tiger that walks across the wall in the bottom of my garden and I’ve had this dream many times. It's a recurring dream. And the tiger moves quite slowly as though it's about to pounce on something. And I remember telling my mum that I kept having this recurring dream of a tiger moving quite slowly in the bottom of my garden. And we did some research and apparently, if you dream of tigers, it means that there's something in life that you are afraid of. It's a symbol of fear. And so I started to think about what it was that I might be fearful of and then my mum said, ‘Maybe you're not afraid of anything. Maybe you are the tiger.’


When I was a boy, I'm now a woman, I had a recurring dream every night for about five years of walking to the top of the stairs and I’d look down and there would be a huge yellow jet ski on my porch. Now, our house didn’t really have a big space at the bottom of the stairs. All that was there was the front door. And in this dream I would fall and crash into the jet ski and die. Every day for five years. Now I wake up and I am that yellow jet ski.


I dream of a life with no restrictions. Whether that's physically, sort of traveling or whether that's on myself and sort of negative thoughts that restrict me or on confidence. I dream of people just being able to move about and get about and do whatever they want without restrictions which probably means capitalism shouldn’t exist. But yeah, I don't know, I think no restrictions, monetary, physically, no travel bans, no nothing. Just everyone being able to mooch about and to do whatever the hell they want. If they don't want to work, they don't work. They're not restricted to the hours that they must work to pay their rent, to pay their bills. And yeah, maybe it's -- I don't know... comes from a place of privilege but I don't know. Yeah, just a life with no restrictions. Yeah, that's what I dream of. For everyone. Thanks, bye.


I dream of a world where everyone is accepted. Where the UK accepts refugees. We shouldn’t even have to accept refugees. I dream of countries just living in peace and letting everyone live freely as themselves.


I dream of a world where we don't have to work for a living 9 to 5 every week. It’s painful! Why do we have to do that every week? I dream of a world where we can have fun with our mates. Do what we want. Have a good time and not have the burden of having to work just to live, every week for the rest of our lives up until about 60 or maybe even 70 by the time we’re fucking that age. But yeah, that's my dream. Take care, Dream FM.


I dream of working a four day week. I think this would just be great for everyone's well-being and everyone could spend a lot more time with the people they love or doing things they love. I think it would help everybody find work a lot more accessible and find a better use of their time. I also dream that everyone could have at one point in their lives a course of therapy. I think it's just really important for everyone to learn a bit more about themselves. And I think that really helps with well-being as well. So there you go, two dreams for a better world.


I dream of... like, actually knowing what to do when I have to... Actually managing my rest periods, my work life balance -- I've been trying to avoid saying that but yeah, my work life balance. I just got home from work early and I thought, ‘Ah.. I'm gonna relax, I’m gonna rest.’ Then I went on my laptop and I checked my emails. So it's like once I've been at work, I'm incapable of leaving it behind and I dream of changing that. That would be very dreamy. And so it was nice to ring this number because this is not work. This is just thinking about my dreams instead.

You’re tuned into Dream FM with a special broadcast from Greater Manchester. Tonight we’re asking our listeners a question: What is it you dream of? Our lines are open -- give us a call and share your hopes, visions and desires in the darkness of the night...


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I dream of traveling the world. One of my dreams has already come... or two of my dreams have already come true. One is my name up in lights at the library and my second one is holding my grandson. My name is Dianne Barrett and I’d love to travel the world. I want to go to Australia, America and visit the parks. That's it.


I dream of becoming an international gospel artist. I want to travel over the world spreading the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. And I dream to be an entrepreneur. I dream to own my own business, yeah, be an employer of, you know, labour. Reach out, help people, you know, become what they want to be in life. I dream of making impact in this world. I don’t just want to live but I want to affect life. That’s my dream.


I dream of being famous because almost two years ago, I came out as bisexual at the age of 69 and a lot has certainly happened. But I've always wanted to be famous. There's other things I can do as well, such as clairvoyance. I love giving talks... But my dream basically is to be famous and talk about sexuality and help people. Okay, thank you very much. Norman Goodman. Thank you.


I dream of becoming a professional dancer or a professional singer.


I dream of being a teacher when I'm older.


Hi. I dream of climbing and achieving a bit of a dream of climbing a mountain called Crib Goch in Snowdonia in Wales. It's been an ambition of mine for quite a while. It's a dream and it also gives me nightmares because if you see it’s literally a knife edge and people ask me, ‘Why would you want to do that? Aren’t you scared?’ But the fact is, it’s been something I've wanted to do, it's an ambition of mine and I want to be able to succeed it and it would be great to be able to climb it and say I’ve achieved something that yeah, it does scare me, it is a bit frightening, but part of life has those elements where life is unpredictable. Sometimes you've got to step out of your comfort zone. This is definitely one of those moments and I'm hoping to do it in about 2 to 3 weeks and I have been doing a lot of prepping for it. But yeah, it's one of those where I think when I get up there, I still have no idea if I’ll achieve it but I'm hoping to. So, yeah, that's what I dream of.


  • I dream of floating, flying, dying all at the same time.
  • I dream of objects transforming to the necessities of that time.
  • I dream of you, me and everything in between.
  • I dream of things, I've seen things, I've seen things.
  • Me and my dreams depict you in light, dark, romance, all at the same time.
  • You can call me Optimus Prime,
  • My friend said I should get paid for my dreams to be analysed in their prime.
  • My dreams feel so sublime.
  • When I wake up my dreams are vivid yet so hard to define, but I live in them.
  • This is Zeyla calling from Moss Side. I am a DJ and you guys can reach me at any time. Thank you for letting me share my piece of work.


I dream of deeper personal connection with those I know and those I don't know yet. I dream of cosmic encounters, of wingless flight through the void among the stars and nebulas.


I dream of water and it's an island and it's always the same place that I go back to and I'm always in a different place on this island and there’s always waves rolling in and sometimes they’re huge and sometimes they're not. And I see people I know and people I don't recognise, and I'm just trying to navigate my way round and I’ve dreamt of this island for years.


Hello. I dream of a world where we all, as humans, stop acting like islands and all connect more and think more collectively. I also hope after this, if we all dream of the same thing, hopefully we can all unite and strive for a better world. Going more detailed, I dream of a world in which we have a healthy relationship with nature. I dream of a world where we all have our own patch of land and we can reclaim that with ways in which we'd like to reclaim it. I dream of forests and wildflower meadows and I dream of natural rivers, and I dream of spaces that we can all be who want to be and reconnect with each other. Yeah, I also dream of a world in which we have a functioning recycling system and I dream of a world in which we don't dump all of our shit on other countries.

You’re tuned into the sounds of Dream FM. Tonight we’ve been asking our listeners around Greater Manchester to share what they dream of. What do you think of late at night, staring at the ceiling or a star-lit sky?


So rydw i'n breuddwydio am nofio yn yr awyr agored mean ryw fath o paradwys, yn tywydd rili boeth, efallai yn afon neu yn y mor, a dwi'n meddwl y rheswm am hwn ydi oherwydd dydw I ddim yn nofio yn dda iawn, a dros y haf os dwi'n mynd I nofio gyda teulu neu ffrindiau, byddai'n sefyll ar yr ochr a ddim yn cymryd than oherwydd doeddwn I ddim yn teimlo fel bod i'n digon medrus. A dwi'n meddwl ar ol blwyddyn o fod o fewn amgylchedd cyfyngol o fewn y cartref, mae'r syniad o nofio yn yr awyr agored wir yn rhoi teimlad o rhyddyd I fi, a neud fi teimlo'n rhydd, so dyna be dwi'n breuddwydio am.

[So I dream about swimming in the open air in some sort of paradise with really hot weather, maybe in a river or in the sea, and I think the reason for this is because I don't swim very well and over the summer if I'm going to swim with family or friends I would stand on the side and not take part because I didn't feel able enough. I think after a year of being in a restrictive environment inside the house, the thought of swimming in the open air really gives me a sense of freedom, and makes me feel free. So that's what I dream about.]


I dream of living by the ocean. Listening to the calm waves. Walking on the beach with the sand on my feet. Being in peace, calm and tranquility. I dream of being surrounded by nature as a way of falling asleep and as a way of waking up.


I dream of... I'm gonna tell my dream but in Italian, I'm sorry, just because I don't feel confident, you know, speaking English. So I hope this is okay with you.

Ok... ho dei sogni ricorrenti sulle case, sogno spessissimo di non avere una casa, o di essere ospite di qualcuno,o di avere degli intrusi in casa e... probabilmente perche' ho cambiato 23 appartamenti nella mia vita quindi mi sento abbastanza destabilizzata da questa situazione e... avrei probabilmente bisogno di una casa, non so (ride) perche' sono davvero dei sogni sconcertanti. Il fatto di non avere un rifugio e... e invece l'altro giorno, anzi l'altra notte, ho fatto un bellissimo sogno di... di una bicicletta, che qualcuno mi dava una bicicletta. Non era un vero eproprio regalo ma tipo un prestito, e potevo usarla ed era bellissima, era di rame, cioé color rame, quindi molto particolare. Il materiale era tipo "lega", non so se si chiami cosi, leggerissima e molto diciamo "stylish" e... quindi ero contenta, perché mi dava l'idea di libertá, di potermi muovere ovunque ed era poi esteticamente molto bella, e leggera ripeto, anche portarla su e giu per le scale non era una difficoltá e... non ho capito bene quanto tempo ho a disposizione, comunque, ehm... niente, quello di non aver casa, ripeto, è ricorrente ed è anche un altr- un sogno ricorrente è anche il fatto dell'acqua, delle inondazioni, dei fiumi che straripano, e... anche qui bisognerebbe cercare un po' di interpretare (ride) perché faccio tantissimi sogni e sono tutti molto vividi ehm... alcuni bellissimi, alcuni erotici, aehm... peró appunto di ricorrenti invece questi due, della casa e dell'acqua, sempre qualcosa che ha a che fare con l'acqua. Uno molto bello recente era il fatto che riuscissi a parlare e a respirare sott'acqua, quindi ero sott'acqua, probabilmente in compagnia di qualcuno perché parlavo, parlavo, riuscivo ad avere questa capacitá, facevo tante bolle, tante bollicine, e non avevo assolutamente difficoltá ero come i pesci cheriescono a respirare sott'acqua. E... nulla, bellissimo questo progetto che avete in mente e... un abbraccio a voi e a chi capisce quello che ho detto.

[Ok... I have some recurring dreams about houses, I dream very often about not having a house, or about being a guest (in somebody's else house), or maybe about having intruders in the house and... probably this is because I changed 23 apartments during all my life and this situation really makes me feel kind of unsettled and... I probably need a house, I don't know (Laughs) because these are really disconcerting dreams. The thought of not having a home/shelter... and on the contrary, the other day, or well last night, I had a really beautiful dream of... I dreamt of a bicycle, someone gave me a bicycle. It was not properly a gift, it was more of a borrowing, and I could use it and it was really beautiful. It was a brass bicycle, well it was brass color, so very peculiar. I think the material was some kind of alloy, I don't know if it is the proper name, it was really light and really, if I can say, ‘stylish’ and... so I was happy, because it made me feel free, with that I could move everywhere and it had an aesthetically pleasant design, and I repeat, it was light, so even bringing it up and down from the stairs was not that difficult and... I didn't understand how much time I have, anyway, Um... Nothing, the one [dream] about not having a house, I repeat, is a recurring one, but the other kind is about water, floods, overflowing rivers, and... even for these ones an interpretation could be useful (laughs) because I dream a lot and they are all really vivid dreams, um... Some of them really beautiful, some of them erotic, umm... But about the recurring ones, just these two kinds: the one about the houses and the one about water, always something related to water. A really beautiful and recent one was about me being able to speak and breathe underwater. So I was in the water, probably with someone else because I was talking a lot. I had this ability, I was doing a lot of bubbles, little bubbles, with no difficulties. I was like the fish breathing underwater. And... Nothing, this project of yours is really beautiful and... a hug to you and to whoever understands what I said.]


I dream of a stone built cottage in the middle of nowhere with a gravel driveway and ivy growing up the side of it and just the noise of the birds and all the other wildlife and shit. That’s what I dream of. Sweet.


I dream of barm cakes, chips and gravy, Station Road and Warwick Road. I dream of the farmers, the station and the bull. I dream of the train from Swinton with Mam and Dad, to Southport, Llandudno and Rhyl. I dream of all these things and many more. I miss them. I always will.


I dream of a record shop that I used to work in. It's in a state of decay and decomposition and often bare floorboards are sliding round and there's a quality of unnatural motion, like an Escher lithograph. Usually in the dream, I've got to accomplish a small job, such as filing a box of records but many things are happening to me to prevent me from doing this one task. Sometimes there are members of staff there that I used to work with. Sometimes they’re shouting in my face. Sometimes we're laughing together. There's a feeling of everything falling apart and nothing getting done. And when I have these dreams, I wake up feeling as though there's a slab of stone on my chest and that I'm being pinned back or pinned down in some way. I left this record shop in 2005, but I still dream about it maybe 5 or 6 times a month.


I dream of high school a lot. And like, people I haven’t seen in years and I don't really know why. It's like, whether or not it's because that high school was a bit tough or whatever, but I always catch myself back in like the age of like 13 or 12 or 11 and like, seeing people's faces who like, I still don't even know their names, but I kind of know that they exist. And it's like, I'm kind of trapped in there or like, I'm in high school from like, an older age and I can't seem to like, understand why I'm there again.


I dreamt of this search for a friend of mine on the estate that I grew up on when I was a kid. And I walked up this hill that we used to skate down, on those skateboards that you see all the time now. They were new then and before that was all ‘fish boards’. Little tiny things. And in this dream, I went up the hill we’d all skate down as kids and there were these five coffins all upright and they all had gold stars on them like changing room doors for people in theater. And the first one opened up and someone popped out in like a white jumpsuit. And it looked like someone like Faceguy from the A-Team. Really Hollywood. And I was looking for my friend William. And he said, ‘Is this your friend’ and he opened up the next coffin and it was another person just like him, but maybe like a female. They all looked a bit like something from Battlestar Galactica or Farrah Fawcett or really like early eighties Hollywood. And so each one would jump out of the box and knock on the next one and they’d ask me, ‘Is this William?’ and I'd say ‘No,’ until we got to the end of the boxes. All five. So everything was quite slow and every box opened up and by the end of it, I couldn't find William still. And then I just left. They were all just standing there next to their boxes. This dream must have been maybe 1985, 86. I would have been five or six years old. It was so real. The landscape was really real. The houses, the bushes, the grass that the council would cut come spring every year. Everything was exactly like it was in real life apart from these strange five coffins that stood up.


I dream of a long spiral staircase and it's always engulfed in like complete blackness. I'm running up it and all I can ever see is like, as a staircase starts to come to light in my vision, it just keeps going and going and going as it all becomes visible. And I always wonder: Why am I running? Why am I running? And every time I turn around, there's always this tall sort of male, sort of masculine figure, looking... it looks a bit like a Nazgul from Lord of the Rings, and I can't see their face because the face is completely reflective. It's like a mirror. And I'm, of course, scared and it’s endlessly chasing me, sort of up and up and up. And it always ends with... I wake up and I’m forced up before I reach the top every time. If there even is a top and I've had this dream about, say, about three times now and I know, proper weirdo right, but I think it's sort of telling me that, consider your own sort of image in the mirror, and I think it's a sort of reflecting aspect of myself, maybe it’s myself in the past or myself now trying to force me to introspect for something going on in my waking life. I mean, it's difficult. You've got so many aspects of yourself, trying to be working class and be an artist and read and discover yourself and enjoy life, to its full extent. But yeah, that’s my sort of nutty, sort of surreal abstract dream in a nutshell and it sort of sticks with me every time I’ve had it really.


I dream of quite a lot of physical aggression, either having to avoid people who are trying to do it to me, or me being physically aggressive to other people, which... I find quite odd, cos I’m really not a physically aggressive person, I’ve never been involved in a fight, and I’m not really particularly stressed or an aggressive person, so I wonder if when it comes out in these dreams and I find myself fighting people or avoiding punches or trying to fight people... [Cuts out]


I dream of home invasions. I have a recurring dream where I wake up, I’m still in a dream, I wake up in a room that looks like my bedroom because a stranger’s come into the room and I start trying to ask them who they are and why they're there, but they can never give me like a straight answer. And then the more I try to speak to them, more people start coming in and like start flooding into my room, and I'm constantly trying to figure out why they're there and who they are and who let them in. And I leave my room and I'll go walk around my house, and there's loads of people just nonstop coming into the house and no one's listening to me. No one's paid attention to what I'm saying. And I’m starting to get really stressed, and then I look out of a window, and the view out of the window will not be anything like the view of my bedroom window or my living room window. And that is at that point, I realise that I'm dreaming, and I wake up. But I've had that dream constantly, I’ve had that for years. I think it's kind of when I'm stressed. But yeah, that's what I dream of.


I dream of... Umm, last night I dreamed, it kind of felt like I was in HOME theatre, but like that kind of that ‘warped’ sort of version. It had this feeling of world war one, but then also the family home that I grew up in that my dad sold recently, and it was kind of all these three different places layered into each other. And then there were all of these clocks and everyone around had this obsession with these clocks. And they're kind of the old clocks you see in like those Victorian train stations, really, really big. And we were all obsessed with watching these clocks and checking them and fixing them. You had to like turn them, and we were all kind of like walking around obsessed with these clocks, watching them and standing by them and making sure we always knew where they were and where we were and what time it was.


Hiya, so I dream of, usually its like a skull, and I’m in a maze. I’m in a maze in a skull. And I’m walking about in the maze, but it’s me in the skull, so I’m just walking about in this maze, but overall, I’m in a skull, so I’m in a skull’s body but I’m in a maze, its too much... do you know what I mean, it’s a bit of a west one. Umm, it’s pretty intense, you know, its like a maze like The Shining, you know with the Overlook Hotel if you’re in The Shining, and then, its umm, you turn out you’re in a maze, but you’re in the skull, but you’re in sort of the Overlook Hotel. It’s a bit of a west one but you know, all the best to ya. Thank you very much, see you later.


I dream of being at the bottom of a very, very large ocean liner on the outside of the ocean liner, which is... first part of the dream is, I’m in shallow waters. And the second part I’m in deep sea, in rough waters. And I'm looking up the hull right to the very top. And I feel really intimidated by this sight. And it's like there's nobody on the steam ship and nobody knows I'm there, but it is going to sink and it's going to drag me down with it into the depths and that happens... and that dream is one of the most regular dreams I have.


I dream of scary things, anxiety inducing things, never nice things. Sometimes I dream of the person I miss the most and it's good to see his face, but I never get enough time with him. I never came back. Mostly, I dream of stressful things. Recently, I dreamt that I’d taken too much acid and was having an argument with a cat, and when I tried to call an ambulance all of my fingers broke. In the daytime, I dream that some night time soon I'll dream of something nice again.


I dream of... I was in a car and like, I’m a man, and I dreamt I was a woman, right, a blonde woman, that looked like the girl out of Wild at Heart, yeah, like 80s, big hair, blonde, and I was in a Jeep with this woman I was seeing, we were like together, but I was in a car with her ex-husband and she’d left him for me so we could have a relationship. And we were driving down them winding roads on the sound of a mountain, and he was going so fast, and all that was playing was heavy metal music. We were going so fast, so fast, so fast, and he was saying, ‘I’ll drive us off the edge of this cliff,’ like ‘I don’t give a fuck man, like whatever,’ and we were scared like, ahh no, he’s gonna kill us, and then he drove, man, straight off the edge.


I dream of all the things that are gonna make tomorrow horrible, all the scary people that are gonna shout at me in the street. I picture them all when I close my eyes so they won’t scare me as much tomorrow.


I dream of my worries and anxieties. So I’m quite a bad sleeper, umm, so I think at night I dream of concerns, or when I have a clear head, I kind of overthink and relax, and reflect on my, kind of, worries. So I do think I dream of sad, sad things and wake up in the night. I'm quite a bad sleeper. And sometimes I've even cried, to be honest, when I've dreamed of things. So I think my brain is quite overactive at night. So, yeah, it all kind of comes out. And then sometimes when I try to sleep, I also... I dream of events that I want to happen or occurrences as well. I kind of dream of plans and play out events in my life that I maybe want to happen or it’s kind of like a story or like watching a TV-programme. So I think at night time, it's kind of associated with maybe negative bad sleeping, and maybe not that positive, actually... so yeah, that's what I dream of. I dream of life reflections.


I dream of Afghanistan and the people. I had a dream where I was in one of the planes taking us to safety from Afghanistan. And I was so relieved that I was with my family and everyone was with their family as well. No one had got splitten up when the barriers closed and we all set off. And so I dream that even though people are getting left behind, I dream that they won’t ever be split up from their family. And no matter what happens, they’ll always be together.

You’re tuned into to Dream FM, keeping you company through the lonely hours. Tonight we’re asking our listeners: What do you dream of? Stay tuned as we take your calls...


I dream of a world that feels safe for everybody. I dream of a world where my children are grown up and I've been lucky enough to grow up alongside them and see them grow and reach all their amazing milestones. I dream of a world where my family are healthy and happy. I dream of a world where my husband is able to come to terms with his disability and he is able to find a different kind of life. I dream of a world that is kind, and I dream of a world that cares about each other, and I feel really strongly that if there was a little bit more kindness that the world would be a better place. Thank you.


[We are in the world full of peace. All the horrors can end. The wars will be over and there will be no diseases. I don’t want to be a normal human being, who works, who eats, who prays, who sleeps... I want to leave my fingerprint on everything. I want to be a star with all beautiful things, and all the comforts that I want, bi’idhn Allah taealla (god willing). I want to walk away from anyone who wants to obstruct my ambitions, I want to be me. I want peace to reign over the world. And everything ends with love. We walk away from all the pain, Allah al mahaba (god is love). Love is everything. That is all.]


I dream of a world where we can all live side by side and not judge each other simply because of our backgrounds or the way we look. I know that sounds obvious, but... where I grew up we didn't do that. And at least in this city, I see it happen less and less as I grow older, so... I want a world where we can stare into each other's eyes, and just hold each other, in our difference. And not judge each other for our difference.


I dream of finally meeting Jesus, my friend, and he is introducing me to people and saying, this is my friend, like, and it's just... we're in heaven and there is just so much joy and there's so much love and there’s so much peace and there's no more anxiety and there's no more depression. Umm, just pure, pure peace. And just... it's gonna be such a beautiful time. And yeah, this is... this is what I dream of.


I dream of a place where my father in law is still alive. He died last week. And it's weird to be in a place where he's no longer here. I think in my dreams, perhaps it's possible that he's still in that space where you're neither alive or dead or something in between. In a way, he can carry on living, in my dreams. There's a Damien Hirst artwork called ‘The physical impossibility of death in the mind of someone who’s living’. And I think that's true. I think as humans, we don't really have the capacity to imagine that an end is possible and that the people that go are really gone. I know I can't really believe it. It was... it wasn't sudden. He was ill for twelve months before he passed away. But nonetheless, the idea that the world is carrying on and he's just somehow not here in it, it feels strange. And so in my dreams, I can continue to be with him, continue to live in a world where he still is around. I miss you, Alan. I can't wait to see you again.


Hi, I’m Layla, I’m from Iran. I have a big dream, I really want to see my mum, she’s very close to me. I really want to hug my mum. I didn’t see her for a long time. I have a big, big dream to see my mum. That’s it. Thank you. Bye.


I dream of my granddaughters for their future, their happiness, healthy and successful in their chosen careers and also in their personal life. Thank you.


Sueño con... una ciudad como Mánchester. Sueño con Mánchester pero con sol. Con muchísimos días de sol al año, con muchísima menos lluvia de lo que tiene. Eso me haría muy muy feliz. Creo que es lo único que le falta a la ciudad. Esa es una de las cosas con las que sueño. Y... otra cosa con la que sueño es con encontrar a alguien muy especial. Un amor que jamás he tenido y que me gustaría conocer. Alguien especial que me entienda, que esté ahí siempre, y que se sienta cómodo en mi ambiente y con mis amigos. Eso me encantaría. Pero bueno... supongo que no es tan fácil, ¿verdad?

[I dream of... a city like Manchester. I dream of a sunny Manchester, actually. With lots of sunny days a year, with much less rain. That would make me so, so happy. I think the sun is the only thing that the city is missing. That's one thing I dream of. And... I also dream of meeting someone very special. A love that I have never experienced and that I would like to find. Someone who understands me, and who is there for me at any time; who feels comfortable in my universe and with my friends. I would love that. Anyway.... I suppose it's not that easy to find... right?]


I dream of the day that I make my girlfriend proud. I could literally sneeze into a tissue and she’d be like, proud of that, but I want her to take a second, take a step back, and just be amazed and be proud of me and what I'm doing for her, and for us. I dream of making my girlfriend proud.


I dream of my ex and then I wake up and I'm like, ‘Ughhhh,’ like my subconscious has, erm... betrayed me, because I thought I was over it. For god's sake...


I dream of lots of clichéd things -- my teeth falling out, a family member dying, lots of things that I see on screens and take in from my day appear later on, when I go to sleep. Sometimes they wake me up in a hot sweat and a panic, other times I wake up feeling kind of giddy or excited by what’s happened in the dream -- it was strange, and it was interesting. But outside of sleep, it’s pretty hard to dream right now. There's kind of a cloud of anxiety surrounding any hopes and any wishes that make them hard to see and make them hard to feel.


I dream of a world that is not very complicated. A world that's easy for everyone. Where people are strong and can do what they want to do. Everything seems so complicated and multi-layered and there are hoops and things everywhere that just prevent things from happening, maybe. I wish people were strong and there were no barriers. Other than that, I don't dream much at night, unfortunately. Or I can't remember. Of course we all dream, but we can't all remember.


In Spanish it translates as ‘¿Con qué sueñas?’ [and the answer to what do I dream of is quite simple, because I dream of being happy. I dream of being happy, living surrounded with people who love me, living in a place that makes me happy and... I don’t know... I think just this would be enough. Thank you.]


I dream of a world — an immediate world — where we can all be honest with each other and we can connect to our creativity in ourselves. I thought that you might meet some of my needs, needs that have only ever been flirted with, teased and coaxed to be revealed. They bravely started to emerge, to come out from under their hiding places and into the light of your presence. I thought you wanted to receive me in the fullest I could give. We stopped in self-preservation, halted the exploration — our demons were deemed unfit to dance together, to play and let loose together. The way you live your life made me think that you’d cracked it — no sadness, no anguish, no inner turmoil, making it sound like what existed inside you was blank. A dullness. A fear of reflection. You don't wanna catch a glimpse of yourself, but I always will. I will always want to understand myself. Your context is the foundation. Choose to destroy and rebuild. Communicating who you are is the bravest thing you can do — to make yourself seen when people don't ask you to. Dream on, dreamers.

Translation Credits:

  • Rhianna Fielden
  • Raffaele Scognamiglio
  • Nuria López de la Oliva
  • Daniel Paños